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It's Time for PIE!

Pie has always had a special place in the heart of our founder Lillie Weber. It only took a pandemic for her to decide that her passion for pie needed to be shared with the world or at least Kentuckiana. Lillie grew up in New Albany and loved attending the farmers market on Saturdays. She loved picking up the freshest ingredients for her cooking and baking, and though her family always tempted her to use a boxed cake mix to just save some time and effort- she insisted that there was no reason to cut corners when you could make something so good!

Obviously these traits never rubbed off, and through her time as a musical theatre student in St. Louis she gained even more culinary appreciation and aptitude! When Lillie returned home from college in the middle of a pandemic she went out on a limb and submitted an application to that same New Albany Farmers Market that she so loved throughout the years! She never expected to end up as a vendor only a few months later- let alone to have her little pie shop grow so quickly!

Though the location has changed, the true heart of our pies never will. Each slice is crafted with amazing ingredients in strange combinations- enough to tickle anyone's tastebuds with excitement! We believe that pie is for EVERYONE. We will always strive to find that perfect balance between your grandma's best slice of pie and something you've never even dreamed about!

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